A hearing on how consent decrees and court orders are affecting the state's still-absent budget turned into a blame game between the legislature and the governor.
Gov. Bruce Rauner's associate general counsel, Donovan Borvin, said Illinois would be better off financially by getting out of some of the 80 different consent decrees and court judgments in place affecting the state.

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"It restricts the ability of the administration and the ability of the agencies to implement policy in a way that they view as most effective and most efficient," Borvin said.
State Sen. William Delgado (D-Chicago) took issue with that statement, saying those decrees help minorities and poorer Illinoisans from having services helping them reduced.
"Decrees are in place for a reason, sir," Delgado said. "It's to make sure that systems like ours, that have to have a check and balance. Remember that? That's what they are."
By estimation of the Government's Office and Management and Budget, the state is on pace to spend $38.2 billion this year if it continues running on "autopilot" through court orders and consent decrees.
The committee had originally hoped to question Comptroller Leslie Munger about payments to vendors and service providers coming through her office. Munger did not appear at the hearing.


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