Another installment of “Budgeting on the Fly” is underway in Springfield.

The Illinois Senate Wednesday passed a nearly $4 billion spending bill – about half of which would come from the general revenue fund – to pay for some social services – including autism and child care programs -- and lottery prizes.

The state's refusal to pay its lottery winners is one of the latest embarrassments for the state and has prompted lawsuits.

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“I feel like I'm being punk'd,” said State Sen. Matt Murphy (R-Palatine). “The budget that you (Democrats) passed in May was $4 billion out of balance. We're here four months later, and now you want to put it to $6 billion out of balance.”

The governor's office has said Gov. Bruce Rauner will veto the bill if it reaches his desk. The House could take up the bill when it is next in session Sept. 24.

SB 2046 has passed the Senate, 36-19.
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