Gov. RaunerDemocrats in the Illinois General Assembly could expect a barrage of advertising against them any time now. Gov. Bruce Rauner would not address the possibility Sunday evening, saying, “I'm not going to speculate,”adding, “We do need to get our message out to the people.”
He did point out that reporters have been slow to become interested in the advertising funded by the state's Democratic organizations, largely controlled by House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago). Rauner used an end-of-session news conference to vilify Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago)
“When did he start working on those ads?” Cullerton asked during a news conferecne Sunday. “Nothing could be more damaging to the prospects of compromise than deploying these Washington, D.C., campaign tactics – campaign tactics!”
The reason for all of the angst? The lack of a balanced budget, and the lack of Rauner wins in the legislature. “Some of the items on the Turnaround Agenda, we all thought, had less support than we thought in the first place,” Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) admitted of Rauner's anti-labor agenda.
While Rauner called the 2015 spring session “stunningly disappointing,” it's not over. Madigan has called his troops back in Thursday, and Cullerton has done the same for June 9. It's not a“special session,” and lawmakers will not be eligible to collect mileage reimbursement or their $111 per diem.
Madigan, using the phrase “continuous session” to describe the summer, said his biggest problem with Rauner is that the governor takes his arguments to an “extreme” when “moderation” is necessary.