A state program that helps Illinoisans attend college is not left out of the budget cuts which helped patch the Fiscal Year 2015 spending plan.  It's MAP – the Monetary Award Program. The parade of advocates coming through the Capitol this year to deilneate the effects of the cuts included the agency which runs the program.
“This year, if we had not had the $8.4 million reduction, we would have made another offer to students who were on the wait list,” says Katharine Grisevich, director of governmental relations for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. “We would have expected to serve about 3,000 more students for the current academic year.”
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That being said, State Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) notes that quite a few line items have been flat for years. Tuition is not one of them, as McCarter estimates it’s more than doubled over the last dozen years.
“I think, at some point,” McCarter said, “we have to look at that.”
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