Bruce RaunerGov. Bruce Rauner said with a stagnant economy, there’s no justification for the spending plan the House Democrats approved this week.

The GOP said the bill spends $40 billion with only $33 billion in revenue.

“Government spending has been on a rocket ship up, pensions and health care and other operations, and in the meantime we have fewer jobs in Illinois than we had 17 years ago,” Rauner said.

Rauner said if Illinois continues on this path, it can expect to join the ranks of other economically failed governments.

“We’re going to become like Detroit or, I don’t know how many of you follow what’s happened in Puerto Rico or Greece, they’ve been doing that for decades and look where it gets them. You can’t spend what you don’t bring in,” Rauner said.

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Rauner also said it’s dishonest for Illinois House Democrats to pass a spending bill that doesn’t address court-ordered spending.

The 500-page spending plan does not include spending for services mandated by the courts. Rauner said lawmakers can easily reverse that spending with a balanced budget. 

“And if we do that then court orders or consent decrees become not completely irrelevant, but largely irrelevant,” Rauner said. 

State Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, on Wednesday criticized Rauner for not seeking relief from the courts.

Senate President John Cullerton’s office says they are reviewing and analyzing the 500- page bill. The spokesman says it’s premature to answer questions about any justification for the spending plan. The legislative session is set to end May 31.