Illinoisans are being asked to participate in a survey of how they use broadband internet service.   The survey asks nuts-and-bolts questions about what kind of broadband service people have, how much they pay for it and if they’re satisfied, and also what they do with it, in terms of communication, shopping, health and education.


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Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon says it’s important for residents of rural areas to participate, because these are places where broadband may have become available only recently, and this survey will document their usage patterns.   “For folks who do have access, how are you using that? How is it helping you in education, in health care, and particularly, how is it having an impact on business development?” she said.   Simon says broadband has been extended in rural areas with the help of federal grants, and the information being collected here will be the basis for more grants, and more access in rural and remote areas.   The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. Simon says she has yet to do it herself, but she plans to do so.


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