The naming of the new Mississippi River Bridge is teeming with controversy, as there is an organized effort in the Illinois House of Representatives to name it the Veterans Memorial Bridge.  That is in contrast to efforts by both Missouri and the federal government to name it after Cardinal great Stan Musial, who died January 19.  It is unclear which entity will have the final say.

There are those who think the authority to name the bridge lies with the federal government, but Illinois State Representative Jay Hoffman is sponsoring a bill, supported by Alton's Dan Beiser, to name the bridge after all veterans.  There is support to name the bridge after Musial in Washington, D.C. as well.  Senators Claire McCaskill of Missouri jointed with Dick Durbin of Illinois to push the bill through in March, and now waits for action in the House, where it is sponsored by John Shimkus and Rodney Davis.  There are also some who say the bridge should instead be named for a man who was killed when he fell while working on the bridge.

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