If you are in competition for business, you’d better do a good job of branding yourself, or other people will do it for you.  I think we have to take control of it. We have to grab onto it,” says Vern McGinnis, project coordinator of Vision for Illinois Agriculture. “Secondly, we have to find and define who is our target audience. Specifically, who is at the center of the bull’s eye? Then we have to see things from their perspective and understand the message from their perspective.”
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McGinnis was part of a panel discussion at an economic development conference for Downstate communities in Decatur.  John Greuling, president of the Will County Center for Economic Development and chairman of the Illinois Development Council, said you should not be shy about asking for any kind of help – in-kind or financial. “As my good friend who passed, Dr. Robert Koepke said, other people’s money is the way to do economic development.”
Greuling, suggesting a brand of Grow Illinois, has another important point: “The education of election officials. Enough said about that.”
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