State Rep. John E. Bradley (D-Marion) says he was giving the governor and legislative Republicans what they wanted when it came to a property tax freeze proposal. Bradley, the chief sponsor of the property tax freeze bill, says this proposal was just like those introduced by the House and Senate minority leaders, but it did not receive the same response on the Republican side of the aisle. “This was the exact language the governor had asked them to file. There were over 40 Democrats that voted for the property tax portion, and there was an opportunity for the governor to have his bill voted on, and none of his people voted for it,” Bradley said.
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Many Republicans voted present on Bradley’s measure, because they believe the reform did not go far enough. The measure on the property tax freeze advanced to “third reading,” or a final vote, by 44-21, with 33 members voting present. Bradley says a “present” vote in the state’s current situation is inappropriate. Anti-union measures that the governor is seeking – limits on collective bargaining and prevailing wage – failed by a score of 69-0, with 26 members voting present. Those measures will not be part of the bill if it is called for a final vote. Both the House and Senate will be back in session Tuesday.