There was something for everyone in a judge's decision today (Friday) on same-sex marriage. A chancery court judge in Chicago allowed two of five claims to proceed and dismissed the other three, allowing both sides to declare victory.  Lambda Legal and the ACLU sued county clerks because they refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. It is against the law in Illinois for such couples to marry, but it’s also against the law to discriminate.
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The judge said the 25 plaintiff couples can go ahead and argue they have the right to marry and that the state is discriminating against them. However, the Thomas More Society – a law firm advocating for the “one man, one woman” forces, says it’s encouraged by the judge’s dismissal of a claim that the same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.  Camilla Taylor, marriage project director for Lambda Legal, cited plaintiffs who wanted spousal burial benefits at veterans’ cemeteries and the right to be considered a parent for purposes of visiting a sick child in a hospital.
Peter Breen, vice president and general counsel for the Thomas More Society, says the courts should stay out of this and that same-sex unions are damaging to children. He says if the government wants to improve people’s lives, it should strengthen marriages.
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