The Madison County Board will address the issue of a botched tax bond sale during the month of August according to an announcement from county officials. Board Chairman Alan Dunstan, State's Attorney Tom Gibbons, Treasurer Kurt Prinzler and County Clerk Mark Von Nida discussed the issue during a two-hour meeting yesterday. The details of that meeting will become public when the Tax Cycle Committee meets on August 7th and during the Finance Committee meeting on August 8th.

At issue is the lack of a court document allowing the annual tax sale. According to Chairman Dunstan one of the options discussed Thursday could be to declare the tax sale never happened.  If the board declares the sale never took place, those whose debts were considered delinquent could be forced to pay 1.5 percent interest per month penalty on the delinquent taxes from the deadline date until the tax sale. However, Dunstan plans to prevent that from happening by freezing the penalty on delinquent taxes dating back to February 23rd.

To board will consider that resolution and several other measures involving the February tax sale during their next meeting on August 15th.

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