Gov. Bruce Rauner has a chance to either do the same thing – or the opposite – as his predecessor, Pat Quinn, when it comes to bobcat season.  The General Assembly has sent the governor a bill allowing bobcat hunting from November to mid-February.
“Everybody keeps thinking these are nice, cute little kitties,” said State Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg), a quail hunter. “Well, they’re not, because they are devouring and taking away the whole population of our small game.”
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“If we have the resources to maybe neuter these animals ...” said State Rep. Ed Burke (D-Chicago) before declaring the whole argument a waste of time.
Quinn vetoed a bobcat bill in one of his last acts as governor before leaving office in January.
This bill, H.B. 352, passed the House, 60-46-2, and the Senate, 32-17, and awaits the governor’s action.
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