It took a lot of power to run the Boat at the Riverbend, and will likely take as much to operate anything else that goes in that site in the future. When the boat moved out about a month ago, the utilities were disconnected, and a large electrical box remains on site. The owners of the boat are asking the city of Alton to buy the equipment for $5,000, but some aldermen think the city should get it for free, since the boat was allowed to stay moored free of charge for four years.

To that end, a resolution considering the sale of the equipment was laid over until next meeting while Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst attempts to speak to the owners about the proposition. He says it is likely the city will need the power down there again.

Hoechst comments

The $5,000 asking price is good through 2014, but drops to $3,000 if no one is found to locate there until after that time. To put in new service would cost about $25,000, so the city is getting a deal, even at the $5,000 price, according to at least two aldermen who spoke on the issue last night.