The Madison County Board will appoint two new members at the September meeting following the resignation of Democrat Richard Fancher of Granite City. Fancher is the second representative to resign in as many months. His resignation was accepted by Board Chairman Alan Dunstan with the condition that Fancher write him a letter with a recommendation for a replacement and that Fancher must also attend the next Madison County Board meeting.


Fancher's resignation comes as a result of a change in his employment. Board Chairman Dunstan says that Fancher was a valuable member to the board and the board has really lost two great members in the past few months.



Dunstan comments


Dunstan will also be filling the vacancy left by Republican Dr. Chris Wangard ofTroywho resigned in July citing an increase in business in his medical practice.


In other county board news, the board also approved a resolution to a previously passed measure that will upgrade 911 services throughout Madison County. The new agreement will allow the six stations that were left out of the original proposition to get the same upgrades as the other 9 stations that were previously included. The upgrades, which include increased bandwidth and geomapping services, are expected to start seeing use in October with stations gradually coming online as training on the new equipment is finished.