Christine RadognoThe Senate Republican leader offers a bleak outlook on the budget stalemate in a speech in Chicago.


Speaking at the City Club of Chicago, Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno offered several options for how the budget battle could end. The first three, which include a budget without the governor's agenda attached, a budget passed only by Democrats, or no budget being passed at all, she deemed unacceptable.


"The only out for Illinois is option four, and that is real engagement from the Democrats, even though that means the status quo is going to change," Radogno said.


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Radogno says those changes includes term limits for state lawmakers and reforming the redistricting process, both of which have been mainstays in the governor's legislative agenda. Neither could take effect for several years, but Radogno doesn't believe dropping those issues would break the stalemate.


"I don't know that those two items in particular would hold up a budget if other compromises were made," Radogno said.


Radogno repeatedly criticized Democratic leaders, particularly House Speaker Michael Madigan, for supposedly not wanting to reach a budget deal.


Rikeesha Phelon, spokeswoman for Senate President John Cullerton responded in a statement, saying "7 months into a historic budget impasse, it should be very clear to Leader Radogno that we no longer have time for the blame game."


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