Bishop PaprockiThe more the world changes, the more the Catholic Church stays the same – so says a bishop who is outspoken against same-sex marriage. But the church, says Springfield Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, is doing nothing new.


“Because the culture changed doesn't mean the church has to change,” Paprocki told local reporters after a prayer service Wednesday afternoon. “The change is really in individual hearts. There are an increasing number of states which have legalized same-sex marriage, while all the states have had legal abortion for 40 years. We haven't stopped being counter-cultural about that.”


Paprocki chose the capital city and the date and hour at which the governor signed the same-sex marriage bill to speak out. He says if your friends are sinning in this fashion, you ought to speak out, too.


But don't get the idea, Paprocki adds, that same-sex marriage is some sort of “super sin,” worse than anything else. “I'm not doing this … (to set out) a hierarchy of wrongs here,” he said, citing “the need to pray for an end to abortion; I think the prayer that I used (in the service) would also be a very fitting prayer to use on some occasions such as that.”


Paprocki said in his homily we should not discriminate against homosexuals, nor should we hate them; they may not be perfect, but the bishop says he sure isn't, either.


The bishop's homily: