A bipartisan group of Illinois lawmakers is working toward a budget compromise that would include spending cuts, reforms, but also new taxes.


They call themselves the ad-hoc budget committee, and consist of Republicans and Democrats who have been secretly meeting in Springfield to come up with some possible budget recommendations. One ad-hoc budget member, state Rep. Dan Brady, R-Bloomington, said the group could soon release a number of recommended compromises.


"It would be a combination of (spending) reductions, changes in policy, and it would be a combination of legislation that would make specific changes under law all related to the budget," Brady said.


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Brady said a higher income tax along with a sales tax on services have been discussed in the work groups. He said Gov. Bruce Rauner’s stance on funding new spending was something Democrats had trouble with.


“Gov. Rauner has simply said, ‘I’ll work with you in every way possible, but you’re going to have to show me where the money comes from. That’s been a bone of contention.”


Illinois has not had a state budget since July, when the Democratic-controlled General Assembly failed agree with Rauner about reforms aimed at making the state more business-friendly and financially stable. Democrats have maintained that Rauner’s reforms would weaken government unions, a key source of campaign funds for Democrats statewide.


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