A proposal in Springfield would monitor who is selling plastic to recyclers and how much.   State Rep. Joe Lyons (D-Chicago) says it would help lawmakers target plastic thieves. He says the problem is similar to copper theft that soft drink vendors are losing thousands from stolen pallets.

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Lyons says during hard times, people resort to desperate measures to make money and recyclers are paying more for plastic. That means plastic pallets are being stolen more.   “When you have 7-Up and Dr. Pepper saying we’ve lost half a million dollars last year in replacements for pallets that have disappeared, that’s a real issue,” Lyons says. “It’s a real problem. It’s a real industry out there and illegal industry that’s trying to make money on plastic which they don’t own.”   He says the intent is to stop large-scale theft and not people who have a few crates lying around the garage.   The proposal passed a committee and is awaiting a vote in the full House.


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