A local Democrat State Senator hopes to oust SIU's Board of Trustees.  A tumultuous meeting Wednesday was in part what prompted Alton's Bill Haine to make the announcement.  Board member Roger Herrin tried to have himself appointed as chairman, according to Haine, taking advantage of three vacancies on the board.  Two of the remaining members, however, left the meeting, and the move was unsuccessful without a quorum.

Haine (pictured) says he is going to pursue a bill eliminating the current board giving Governor Quinn a clean slate.    

Gibbons comments

Controversy has surrounded the board recently, as three members with ties to Edwardsville - Edwardsville School District Superintendent Ed Hightower, Alton attorney John Simmons, and businessman Mark Hinrichs of O'Fallon - were not retained by Quinn in February.  There are those that say the move was political in nature.  Last month, Haine introduced a bill that would require that, of the seven gubernatorial appointed board members, three of the appointees must be graduates of SIU Carbondale and three must be graduates of SIU Edwardsville, and would also extend voting privileges to the second student representative.

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