Ever get angry that a labor contract for your school district was approved before it was made available for review by you, the taxpayer? A measure that could be heard in committee this week would change that.


House Bill 4583 from Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives of Naperville would require public-sector labor agreements to be published on a public body’s website before being approved. Ives said she’s heard from taxpayers who are upset they can’t review the documents before they’re ultimately approved.


“The public should know, and they have the right to know what they’re paying for,” Ives said. “These are public contracts.”


Ives said she attempted similar legislation in the past but was told by opponents it was too narrow, so she broadened the scope to include any compensation agreement for one employee that exceeds $150,000.


The bill is scheduled to be heard Tuesday afternoon in the House Labor and Commerce Committee, but Ives is pessimistic it will get a fair hearing.


“That’s a highly partisan committee,” Ives said. “It’s all about labor and nothing about commerce.”


Even though she thinks the bill will fail to get out of committee, Ives said she still wants to air her concerns and show she’s amenable to including other provisions.