A new graduate's employer can help pay off a student loan. That's already available, but a bill proposed by Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis would make that tax-free for both worker and employer.

Flanked by students at three appearances at campuses in his district, Davis said, “These students, upon graduation, if they find an employer who wants to participate in a program like this, they will get that benefit and get their compensation package and not have to worry about something that surprises them on their W-2.”

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Dominic Chiappano, a University of Illinois Springfield student from Westmont, says it's about time.
“Right now, there's not enough help for us students,” he said. “Nobody really pays attention to us. Nobody gives us the help we deserve. As a whole, we're putting down our next generation.”
Davis, a Republican from Taylorville, boasts the bill's bipartisan support; Gwen Graham, a Florida Democrat, is his co-sponsor.
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