There's one thing they could all – mostly all – agree on in the Illinois House, almost unanimously Tuesday voting for a bill to shake loose money for local road projects and lottery winnings.
Even that was contentious, as Republican David Reis said it was a sham, as the bill has virtually no chance of becoming law this year – since the Senate, which is not scheduled to meet again in 2015, needs to have it for three session days before acting. “These amendments should be attached to a Senate bill that's already passed the Senate, so they can act on it” the same day, Reis said. “There is no way that (the municipalities and lottery winners) are going to get their money this year. You're giving them false hope.”

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The governor's office had endorsed the bill – which House Republicans argued did not do enough – whose funds are collected from motor fuel taxes, lottery ticket sales, and other user fees. The sponsor of the bill said he had not even been in contact with the governor's office about it.
HB 4305 has passed the House, 115-1-1.

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