The sponsor of a measure awaiting the governor’s signature to limit government spending on travel and lodging said it’s an effort to keep property taxes low.

State Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, said there have been some egregious examples of local governments, like school boards and community colleges, spending on entertainment and travel.

“There’s a school district, Fox Lake District 114, that talked about weekend trips to Chicago,” McSweeney said.

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The stories go on from there, including previous revelations about the College of DuPage president’s meal expenses. McSweeney said his measure addresses the spending.

The measure prohibits tax dollars from being used for entertainment. As for travel, lodging and food, things would be much more aboveboard.

“The combination of having to put policies into effect and limits and requiring a roll call I think will go a long way toward making sure these travel, meal and lodging expenses are hopefully not only dramatically reduced but in many cases eliminated,” McSweeney said.  

“It’s a good way to cut expenses, help bring about lower property taxes and I thought this was a good bill, transparency, reducing expenditures.”

Illinois has the highest median property taxes in the country, according to the data analysis company CoreLogic.

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