An area resident who died of a heroin overdose is, in part, the inspiration to tighten a loophole in an Illinois law. Under current law, the person who allegedly delivered the drugs is not able to be prosecuted in the state since the drugs were bought in Missouri. A bill sponsored by Senator Bill Haine of Alton aims to change that.

The drug-induced homicide law has been used sparingly since being passed over a decade ago in response to a rash of overdose deaths - mostly in and around Chicago - in which dealers were cutting cocaine and heroin with toxic substances. Haine says this new bill should refocus the law on the crime.

Haine comments

An Illinois Senate committee has advanced legislation to broaden the reach of Illinois prosecutors in drug-related homicides that involve other jurisdictions. Haine says he is optimistic this bill will pass, and says his counterpart in the House, Representative Dan Beiser, has picked up the bill for consideration in that chamber.

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