A government watchdog is looking for a better vantage point. The Better Government Association has investigated cronyism, self-dealing, abuse, waste, fraud and mismanagement in state and local governments since its founding in Chicago in 1923. President Andy Shaw says that’s not a good place from which to keep an eye on Springfield.

“Springfield is where the most money is spent, the biggest decisions are made and the fewest people are watching, so it’s not coincidental that’s also where government is most dysfunctional,” he said. “We need a watchdog presence, a major one, in Springfield to keep any eye on the governor, and the legislative leaders, and to push an agenda that’s taxpayer friendly.”

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He’s planning on opening an investigative bureau in Springfield next year. The Better Government Association depends on fund-raising, so how large the Springfield presence is will depend on that. He’d like to have a bureau of several investigators, but he promises some presence for the organization in Springfield starting in 2013.

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