Moving a body to cover up a homicide is already illegal, but doing the same to cover up an accidental drug overdose is a gray area that a recently-introduced bill is expected to remedy. State Representative Dan Beiser of Alton introduced House Bill 5122 earlier this month, and hopes to clarify that while it covers a variety of situations, it is mostly aimed at those who may have been with a person who died of an overdose.

In many recent cases, heroin has resulted in the death of a user, and that person has been moved to draw attention away from the other people that were with them at the time of death. Holding those people accountable is the reason Beiser introduced the bill.

Beiser comment

Beiser introduced the bill after conversations with Madison County Coroner Steve Nonn and State's Attorney Tom Gibbons. Every overdose case is now treated by investigators as a possible crime, so investigators need this law in an attempt to preserve the crime scene.

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