The Alton Beautification and Clean City Committee is holding a work day Thursday in and around the fountain in the triangle at the intersection of State and Belle Streets. Beginning at about 3:30pm, committee members and volunteers will remove litter, weeds, and overgrowth from the triangle, weather permitting.

This is one of the higher-traffic areas in the city, so it tends to pick up a lot of litter and debris. Committee Chairman Carolyn Gronemeier says there are also some other challenges associated with its location.

Gronemeier comments

About a year ago, the group created a new email address, and a new form for residents to report littering. Residents can submit the information by email or by mailing the cards to the Alton Beautification and Clean City Committee, 101 E. Third Street, Alton, IL 62002. The information submitted on the cards will be turned over to the proper authorities.