The St. Louis Cardinals appear to be gearing up for another post-season appearance, and that means a variety of criminals are gearing up too.  Fans looking for a way into Busch Stadium need to be alert to scammers that could be selling bogus tickets, the Better Business Bureau advises.

The opportunity for sports fans to be scammed by fake ticket sellers occurs most often when people buy tickets from individuals outside the stadium, on the street or through online auctions, classified ads and bulletin boards.  BBB spokesman Chris Thetford says if you buy in the secondary market, seek out an authorized reseller.

Thetford comments

The secondary market for sporting and entertainment tickets is a $10 billion a year industry.  It includes tickets bought and sold by professional brokers as well as those purchased and resold by speculators and season ticket holders.  Tickets purchased for sports and entertainment events are the source of hundreds of BBB complaints by consumers nationwide.

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