Internet thieves are finding more imaginative and sophisticated ways to trick consumers into giving up banking and other personal information, using everything from fake airline reservation notices to phony FBI emails.   One that is currently making the rounds is called “Clickbait.”  You are basically baited into clicking on a link that will allow thieves access to your personal information.


Better Business Bureau investigator Bill Smith says you should stay away from promotions of “exclusive,” “shocking” or “sensational” footage.  If it sounds too outlandish to be true, it is probably a scam. 


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And don't trust your “friends” online. It might not actually be your friends who are “liking” or sharing scam links to photos. Their account may have been hacked and scammers could be using another tactic called “clickjacking”.  Clickjacking is a technique that scammers use to trick you into clicking on social media links that you would not usually click on.


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