The Better Business Bureau says scammers are, as usual, playing on the fears of the vulnerable with a new round of scams.  Callers posing as an Internal Revenue Service agent and an immigration official from India recently used coercion and threats to steal more than $10,000 from a West St. Louis County couple, according to an investigator with the Better Business Bureau.

The scam is almost identical to recent cases in other states where scammers took a total of $20,000 from two other victims.  In all three cases, fake IRS agents appeared to target persons from India, telling them they owe back taxes and intimidating them into loading money onto Green Dot MoneyPak cards.

Smith comments

Investigator Bill Smith says this is just the latest twist on scams that use intimidation to swindle their targets.  He reminds you to never give out personal information over the phone, and never wire money if the premise sounds fishy.  If someone contacts you and you suspect a scammer is behind it, hang-up.

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