Scammers are finding more imaginative ways to trick consumers into giving up banking and other personal information, using everything from fake airline reservation notices to phony FBI emails.   Some that are expected to begin making the rounds target those paying attention to the upcoming Affordable Care Act milestone.  The first day of enrollment for the Act is October 1.

Better Business Bureau spokesman Chris Thetford says they are already hearing of callers pretending to be with the government telling their victims that they have been chosen to receive help signing up for what some call Obamacare.  All they need is a little personal information.

Thetford comments

Thetford says there were plenty of scams out there using the election cycle as the premise to get your personal information, so there's no reason to think this "Obamacare" date will be forgotten by fraudsters.  You can subscribe to the Better Business Bureau's weekly scam alert update here:

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