The long winter’s nap is over for many of nature’s creatures, and some of them make may be dangerous. Raccoons, skunks and bats can carry rabies anywhere in Illinois. Illinois Department of Public Health veterinarian Dr. Connie Austin says a rabid bat got loose inside a school in Moultrie County in March. A couple of kids came into contact with it but tested negative for rabies.


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“We’ve had several calls in the last few days about children playing with baby raccoons,” says Austin. As for what you can expect from a human case of rabies, Austin says, “It’s quite variable. If you are bitten or exposed to a bat in the home, you should seek medical treatment right away.”

Public Health says if you find a bat in your home, try to put a bucket over it and call your local public health or animal control authority. Also, be sure everyone in the household – including pets – is current on all shots.

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