Depending on whom you ask, a bill which has passed the Illinois House is either about safety in the baby’s crib – or government overreach.  “This bill is to ban crib bumper pads specifically defined in the legislation: the particular padded bumpers which have been linked to children’s deaths,” said the sponsor, State Rep. Emily McAsey (D-Lockport), “the same item which is banned from use in child care in the state of Illinois.”
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“You know what? I don’t know how my five kids survived,” said State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton). “We had bumper pads. We ride bikes without helmets, and we have a trampoline in the back yard. I mean, at some point, it becomes the parents’ responsibility to follow doctors’advice and to decide for themselves. This absolutely does nothing about bringing jobs back to Illinois (or) about taking care of our unfunded liabilities.”  H.B. 5348 passed the House, 64-46-1.
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