While reports indicate that the outbreak of avian flu that has affected chickens and things like egg prices is under control, it still won't be a problem at the Illinois State Fair.

Illinois Agriculture Director Phillip Nelson says you won't see any out-of-state birds at this year's fair.
"The Department of Ag took a stance to allow only Illinois-raised birds to be exhibited at this year's fair," says Nelson.


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Nelson says it's simply a precaution, and a way to protect the state's own poultry industry. Meanwhile, in regards to other livestock at the fair, Nelson says for the first time, the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine will have a role in animal care.

"We will be at the fair from beginning to end, 24/7, with our students who will rotate throughout the programs, checking in health papers, ensuring safety and care of all the animals," says Dr. Chelsea Ramirez with the college.

Ramirez says it will allow the students to, in her words, "practice what we preach."