Frank MautinoThe lack of clarification about campaign spending from a former state representative turned auditor general raises questions about the integrity of the office, according to a state representative.

Before being sworn in as the state’s new auditor general, Frank Mautino closed out the campaign fund he used while he was a Democratic state representative. Since then the media and some lawmakers have asked for information about campaign spending on vehicles, payments to a bank and more.

Republican state Rep. Grant Wehrli, who sent two letters to Mautino in early February on behalf of himself and 11 other representatives, said each day that passes without clarification increases doubts that Mautino can perform as auditor general. 

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“How are we to take at high professional value documents coming out of the Office of the Auditor General when he can’t even respond to simple questions about his own personal campaign finance account?” Wehrli said.

Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives, one of the 11 representatives who also signed Wehrli’s letters, tells WMAY Springfield that a lack of clarification since the initial, early-February letter means it’s time for Mautino to step down.

“None of this makes sense and we want answers. He has failed to give answers,” Ives said. “He has lawyered up and he has shut up and at this point he needs to resign.” 

Wehrli said he’s not willing to go that far yet.

“I do hope that Auditor General Mautino can step forward and clear this entire matter up,” Wehrli said.

In a letter dated Feb. 25 that was provided to Illinois Radio Network, Mautino tells the lawmakers that he has retained a law firm and is working to resolve the matter promptly.


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