The man known for writing blistering audits, even considering the source material, is retiring.
Illinois auditor general William G. Holland is leaving at the end of this year, partway through his third 10-year term. He has received bipartisan praise for his ethics and diligence, with his boldest memory being the investigation into the state’s Department of Central Management Services in 2005, in the midst of the era of then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
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“That would have been the worst pushback that I’ve experienced in the 23 years,” said Holland, who adds the experience only enhanced his office’s stature and credibility. “The Blagojevich administration ended up backing off their criticism and accepting every single one of the findings that we recommended.”
Holland, who simply said he wants to enjoy his six grandchildren, said one of the more disappointing parts for Illinois has been an early retirement incentive program in the George Ryan administration which saw many experienced old hands walk out the door, something from which, Holland says, some agencies have never recovered.
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