In Illinois legend, the dead are infamous for voting. But a pair of new audits shows $12 million has been paid for health benefits on behalf of almost 3,000 Illinoisans who have passed away.  The audits, of the Departments of Human Services and Healthcare and Family Services, say one group of patients was signed up for managed care an average of 22 months after their deaths. Benefits were paid for one patient who died in 1989.
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Healthcare and Family Services spokeswoman Joanne von Alroth says computers at her department and at DHS did not communicate with the computers at the Department of Public Health. “Our computer systems were not calibrated to the (IDPH) death records,” she said.  Auditor General William G. Holland says there’s more to it than that. “In addition, they just weren’t being attentive enough to the records of deceased individuals,” he said.
Separately, Holland’s staff found Human Services to have left behind confidential health records which should have been properly transferred or destroyed when the Singer Mental Health Center, Tinley Park Mental Health Center, and Jacksonville Developmental Center were closed.
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