It might not have been a day she wanted, but it likely was a day she'll never forget.  The Auburn woman who rescued a man stuck in his motorized wheelchair on some railroad tracks there a week ago, was treated Tuesday like the hero she is. The day started out with a three-minute all-you-can-grab shopping spree at a grocery store in Chatham.  Then, 19-year-old Ashley Aldridge was honored as Auburn's first "Hometown Hero."
"All the support from everybody, all the donations, have been more than amazing," says Aldridge.
But Aldridge says she was just doing what anyone should have done.  She rescued Earl Moorman split seconds before an Amtrak train whizzed by.  Even Amtrak spokesperson Marc Magliari took notice.
"We'd like to thank you for what you did," says Magliari.  "We're so very grateful that the outcome was what it was."

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Aldridge may want some peace and quiet right now, but Stamer may need to act as Ashley's booking agent.
"She did a call from the 'Steve Harvey Show,'" says Stamer.  "And someone is trying to also contact Ellen DeGeneres to get her a time on that show.  But I don't know what will happen."
Amtrak gave Aldridge train tickets for anywhere in Illinois.  A local martial arts school gave her an honorary black belt.  But Aldridge gave Moorman the chance to keep on living. Moorman, by the way, is reportedly getting a replacement motorized wheelchair from a Macon County resident Tuesday.
(Photo caption) Auburn Mayor Barb Stamer, right, presents Ashley Aldridge with a "Hometown Hero" proclamation at an Auburn City Council meeting.  Will Stevenson/Illinois Radio Network
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