The Illinois attorney general is for a ban on assault weapons, but she doesn’t expect one to materialize in Springfield.  The governor has used an amendatory veto to try to enact a ban on guns characterized as assault weapons. Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she’d like to see certain weapons banned, but it’s not something she’s pushing at the moment, either via legislation or litigation.
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“We’re so mired in litigation right now, and also the Legislature’s not in session right now, so I believe that’ll have to be dealt with by the Legislature in Veto Session. We won’t be introducing legislation,” she said.  The fall Veto Session is scheduled for Nov. 27-29 and Dec. 4-6. Lawmakers can by a simple majority approve the governor’s amendatory veto, or override the veto with a two-thirds vote, or do nothing and let the underlying bill die.  The underlying bill would permit Illinois gun owners to buy ammunition from in-state manufacturers or retailers and have it shipped to their homes. Current law permits that only if the ammunition manufacturers or retailers are out of state.  The sponsor of that measure, State Sen. Dave Leuchtefeld (R-Okawville), says he’ll try for an override, but he doubts that will succeed. He also doubts that accepting the governor’s changes will succeed.
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