Thursday’s topic: assault weapons. The Illinois House Judiciary Committee spent the morning hearing about the guns which some say are only weapons of war.   Greg Sullivan, executive director of the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association, says his constituents oppose a ban.
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“Legislation will never get to the root of the problem, and the root of the problem is criminals will always have weapons, and the mentally ill will never get the services they need under the current system.”  State Rep. Dennis M. Reboletti (R-Elmhurst) says this should be handled in Congress. “I’m presuming the same people who are going to use those in criminal activity with simply continue to drive into Indiana to buy those things and bring them right back,” he said.
State Rep. Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) told a representative of the Illinois State Police that, since East St. Louis has been declared America’s most violent city, troopers ought to be deployed there instead of concerning themselves with regulating Firearm Owners’ Identification Cards. Kay and another lawmaker, State Rep. Jim Sacia (R-Pecatonica), say far more people are killed by hammers and clubs than by assault weapons.
The hearing is similar to those earlier about concealed-carry but is far more lightly attended.
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