Dozens were arrested in Ferguson, Missouri as hundreds protested the deadly police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown during a confrontation back in August.  At least 50 protesters were arrested Monday in the St. Louis suburb during civil disobedience acts.  There were additional protests elsewhere in St. Louis, but fewer arrests.

Many of those arrested were ministers and activists who had traveled to Ferguson from other areas.  At least one person was arrested inside St. Louis City Hall when a group tried to hang a banner.  There were other protests at Plaza Frontenac, at Walmart stores in Ferguson and Maplewood, at a Steve Stenger campaign event in St. Louis County, and some protestors chanted during the Rams game last night at the Edward Jones Dome.   There were even some who were voicing their support for the patrolman who shot Brown, Officer Darren Wilson.   Monday concluded what organizers called a weekend of protests around St. Louis.


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