The 45th anniversary of the Christmas Eve broadcast from Apollo 8 is marked in Chicago by one of the astronauts on that mission.
On December 24th, 1968, the three Apollo 8 astronauts read the first ten verses of the Book of Genesis while orbiting the moon. Gov. Pat Quinn says hearing those words from space made the message universal.
“Those words are true today,” Quinn said. “We want all the people of the good Earth to take good care of each other.”
Retired Captain Jim Lovell, who was the command module pilot on Apollo 8, re-enacted the broadcast on Monday along with several high school students at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, in front of an Apollo 8 capsule displayed there. He hopes marking events from the Apollo program will encourage the country to invest more in space exploration.
“To the moon again, and eventually we’ll, as a consortium of many countries I think now, we’ll go to Mars,” Lovell said.
The broadcast was, at the time, the most watched program in television history.