The Alton Police Department wants to remind business owners and employees to stay alert this holiday shopping season. 

Within the last six months, the Alton Police have investigated incidents where suspects work together to steal cash from cash registers.  In those incidents, the first individual distracts the cashier once the cash register drawer is opened.  A second suspect then takes cash from the open drawer. 

The suspects have choreographed their actions so well that the loss is not discovered until the drawer is counted at the end of the shift.  Then, with the help of video surveillance, the incident is found. 

The Alton Police encourage employees working at a cash register to remain diligent; even while busy.  “It is very easy to become distracted with a line of individuals waiting to check out at a store.  We encourage employees to close the drawer if they need to deal with a customer.  It can always be reopened later,” said Alton’s Chief of Police, Jason Simmons.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the individuals shown in the images taken from the video surveillance footage, are encouraged to contact the Alton Police Department Investigations Division at 618.463.3505, extension 234.