As the fate of a fracking bill is still unknown, an anti-fracking group wants lawmakers to do what they say is the right thing.   Anti-fracking groups gathered at the Capitol Wednesday to urge lawmakers to impose a moratorium on fracking.  Tabitha Tripp, a volunteer for Southern Illinoisans Against Fracking, says fracking will put the lives of Illinoisans at risk.
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“According to a statement made by Rep. (John) Bradley in negotiations made earlier this year, no one uses well water anymore. No one? I do, and so do the other 17 families on the county road that I live on,” Tripp said.  Fracking is pumping high-pressure fluid, made up of water and chemicals, into a drilling pipe and creating or widening fractures in rocks to release natural gas. “Who is regulating this dangerous and cancer-causing waste being trucked to injection wells across the state? We need a moratorium,” Tripp said.  The speaker of the House has said that he is for a moratorium on fracking.
H.B. 3086 is in a House committee.
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