A Chicago lawyer says the state's anti-bullying law is much too loose to mean anything. Matthew Keenan says there are no real parameters in place that define penalties. Therefore, each school decides what is and is not considered bullying. They also choose how different forms of bullying will be punished.

His comments come after a ten-year-old Ridge Farm girl took her own life after complaining of being teased at school. He says the school district could face a serious lawsuit. Keenan isn't blaming the Georgetown Ridge Farm School District for the incident, but he says a child should never feel threatened to go to school. Ten-year-old Ashlynn Conner was found hanged in a closet last Friday morning. Her mother says she had recently been bullied at school and by neighborhood children. She said it had gotten so bad that Ashlynn asked to be home-schooled just one day before she took her own life.

(Metro News)