Another attempt to stave off social service cuts began in the Capitol Rotunda Wednesday and moved on to the governor's office and then the Executive Mansion. Protestors delivered letters urging Gov. Bruce Rauner to have some guts, and stop the cuts.

When pressed what alternatives the lawmakers and the governor could consider, in an environment in which – it seems – nobody wants to cut anything, nobody wants to raise taxes, and nobody has introduced a balance budget, one home care provider suggested “we tax the millionaires a little bit more.”

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The point of preserving the services – particularly child care – is that without state-subsidized services, parents will be less able to find work, thus hurting the economy even more.

The band of home care workers, day care providers, parents, and children presented binders containing the letters, displayed a clothesline banner of onesies (one letter per onesie) spelling out CARE NOT CUTS and held signs, including one reading Rauner Hurts Kids, depicting a stick figure brandishing what appears to be a large flyswatter.