Illinois' northwest corner is the only place where you may get a dissenting viewpoint to the crop optimism these days.  There has not been enough rain there. The moisture in that region is reported as “24 percent very short … 26 percent short,” says USDA state statistician Mark Schleusener.  “The rains seem to be spotty.  Even when I look in my rain gauge … someone five miles away got a vastly different number than I do.  Generally, though, rains have continued in a very timely fashion for the crops … (but) the second crops (in) double-crop soybeans could really use another couple of rains.”


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The conditions of corn and soybeans are 80 percent and 78 percent, respectively, good or excellent.  Corn is ahead of average with 34 percent denting.  Soybeans are behind average with 89 percent blooming.

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