The drive to dilute the influence of public sector unions in Illinois continues.  The Liberty Justice Center, an arm of the right-leaning Illinois Policy Institute, says it's representing three state workers who want to opt out of both union membership and “fair share” fees. Union-represented workers are still docked fees to cover the cost of union administration and negotiation, from which those workers benefit.
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Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to stop that and is suing. Since the attorney general is arguing that Rauner – who is not represented by a union – has no standing to sue, the center has found three workers who are directly affected.
Responding to a question at a Chicago news conference, the center's senior attorney, Jacob Huebert, distances his organization from Rauner.

“The governor made donations to the Illinois Policy Institute from 2008 to the spring of 2013. Whatever money he gave to the Institute was spent long ago,” Huebert said. “The governor does not fund the Liberty Justice Center or the Institute.”
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