Lincoln HollinsaidSpringfield is all about Lincoln, so it’s only “fitting and proper,” as Gov. Pat Quinn would put it, that he would use the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln’s Tomb, and the Gold Star parents of a soldier whose first name was Lincoln to make a day of it.  “We should notice the sacrifice given by our people in the military. They give their time, their effort, their families back home – they give a lot, and we appreciate that.” said Dan Hollinsaid, of Malden, Ill. Sometimes, Hollinsaid noted, they give their lives.
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Lincoln Hollinsaid, killed by mortar fire in Iraq in 2003, was named for our Great Emancipator, right? Wrong.  “Actually, back in the 70s, when we were married, we watched a soap opera, and there was a young man by the name of Lincoln,” Dan Hollinsaid said, referring to TV’s All My Children. “Not only that, but we were shopping one day, and in the other aisle across, a young mother said, ‘Lincoln, get back here,’ and that kind of sealed the deal.”
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