It’s supposed to be another hot day today, with temperatures 100 or above in most of Illinois, and the heat affect animals as well as people.   A dog or cat kept in an air conditioned home will not have a problem, but those left outside can’t be ignored, says Dr. Ronald Gill, a veterinarian in West Salem, in Edwards County.


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“For most of the animals, it’s not their responsibility to find the shelter or coolness or water or so forth that’s needed as far as the pets are concerned. It’s the responsibility of the owner certainly to provide shade and cool water, fresh cool water and a place to try and get out of the heat,” he said.   Likewise, he says, it is the farmer’s responsibility to provide for the comfort of livestock. He says hog farmers, for example, will use fans and mist in their barns to keep the hogs cool, but he suspects there will be some losses in hog barns, given the heat we have and have had for the last two weeks.


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